Spa & Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The heated outside swimming pool is usable from May till October according to weather conditions.

Spa & Wellness

Enjoy our Wellness Center : Fitness, Steambath, Sauna, Balnéo. Wellness Massages on demand. Price list below.

Californian or Swedish Massage

With slow or tonic movements, this massage is perfect to harmonize body and mind.
25 min : 45.00€ - 45 min : 69.00 € - 55 min : 79.00 €

Hot stones Massage

Matches energies for a deep relaxation. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.
55 min : 89.00€

Full Body Scrub with Rose Salts

This tonic scrub brings vitality to the skin, smooth, sweet and moisturised. A tonic exfoliation for a skin scrub, to rub away the dead skin cells on the surface, revealing the softer, younger cells just below.
25 min : 45.00€

The Four Hands Massage

Four hands massage involves two-trained massage therapists in one session. It delivers the ultimate body massage with synchronized moves and strokes.
55 min : 179.00 €

Complete Face treatment

This treatment combines the efficiency of purifying and regenerating Phytomer products and well-being of a relaxing massage.
25 min : 45.00 € - 55 min : 79 €

Phytomer Relaxing Leg and Feet treatment

Feet Balnéo, draining leg massage, this care relaxes tired feet and relieves the sensation of stress.
45 min : 69.00 €

Lymphatic Draining Massage

Activates the lymphatic system and bloodstream.
45 min : 69.00 €

« Perle de la Méditerranée » Care

Full Body Massage with Essential Oil and Lavender warm “Bolus”.
55 min : 89.00 €

« Soleil d'orient » Care

Hammam and Greensand Wrap
45 min : 69.00 €

« Pureté du crépuscule » Care

Phytomer Selfheating Sea Mud Wrap and facial moisturizing care with Karité Butter and Essential Oil.
55 min : 89.00 €

« Asia Minor dream » Care (face and body care)

Exfoliating massage with orange blossom and Jasmine flavoured salts followed by a clay wrap.
1h40 : 139.00 €

« Polynesian Escape » Care (facial, body and hair care)

Sweet exfoliant massage with bamboo tears followed by a complete body and facial massage with Karité Butter and Tahiti flower.
1h40 : 139.00 €

Balinese Experience

Full Body Scrub Massage Frangipani Flower flavor and Hot Stones Massage.
1h40 : 139.00 €

Mediterranean Ritual

Hammam and Rose Salts Scrub Massage exfoliant and « Perle de la Méditerranée » Massage.
2h00 : 149.00 €

Zen option

Private Eucalyptus Hammam (In case of technical problem the hammam will be replaced by the sauna), “Mediterrenean pearl” (55 min): Balneo with Sea Salts and Essential Oil (25 min).
100.00 €

Eclat Méditerranée option

Private Eucalyptus Hammam (In case of technical problem the hammam will be replaced by the Sauna) Phytomer “prestige” facial skincare treatment (55 min) , Full Body Scrub Rose Salts (25 min)
129.00 €

Tonus option

Private Eucalyptus Hammam (In case of technical problem the hammam will be replaced by the sauna), Greensand and essential oils wrap (25 min) full body essential oil massage (45 min)
129.00 €


“Soleil d’orient”, “Perle de Méditerranée” or “Pureté du crépuscule” + one sitting to the Hammam or Sauna or Balnéo.
179.00 €

Hammam / Sauna

Ideal to prepare skin to different kind of cares.
30 min : 1p 15.00 € - 2p 20.00 €

5 days zen care

One different care of 55 min each day+ 1 sitting to the hammam, 1 to Sauna and1 to Balnéo.
395.00 €