Hammam / Sauna 30-minute private session 15€ for one person 20€ for two persons

Ideal for preparing the skin for various skin care products

Californian or Swedish massage 25min – 45€ 45min – 69€ 55min – 79€

Using either slow, gentle movements or powerful, invigorating ones, this treatment will eliminate your tensions and soothe you to achieve total peace of mind

Exfoliating Body Scrub 25min – 45€

This toning scrub eliminates dead cells and brings vitality to the epidermis. Skin is infinitely soft, smooth and moisturized.

Draining massage 45min – 69€

This treatment will activate lymphatic circulation and gently eliminate toxins

Relaxing care 45min – 69€

A pure moment of revitalization after a day of
walking or for heavy legs

Windsor Star Massage 45min – 69€

This highly soothing massage is performed on the 5 extremities of the body (feet, hands & head) by stimulating these reflex zones.
It relieves tension and offers great relaxation.

Relaxing and moisturizing facial treatment 55min – 79€

This treatment reconciles effectiveness and well-being, providing a pleasant
sensation of freshness and soft, taut skin… A radiant face!

“Mediterranean Pearl” treatment 55min – 89€

Full-body massage with lavender “bolus” and essential oils

Deep Tissue Massage 55min – 89€

This massage releases muscular tension, reduces stiffness and helps restore mobility. It’s ideal for sports enthusiasts, but also for those who feel stressed. It provides a lasting sense of relaxation and well-being

“Purity of Twilight” treatment 55 min : 89.00 €

Phytomer self-heating marine mud body wrap followed by a relaxing facial massage

Hot stone massage 55 min : 89.00 €

Stones transmit the thousand and one regenerative energies
of nature, helping to rebalance the body’s
and mind’s energy centers for deep relaxation.

Mediterranean escape 2h – 149€

Hammam & sea salt scrub, followed by a massage with lavender “bolus” and essential oils

Polynesian escape (body & face) 1h40 – 139€

Silky exfoliating scrub with bamboo tears, followed by a full body and face massage body and face massage with shea butter and Tiaré flower

Balinese escape 1h40 – 139€

Exfoliating scrub with frangipani flower, followed by a hot stone massage

“Relax” Package 100€

A private Eucalyptus Hammam or Sauna session (30min)
& A “Mediterranean Pearl” treatment (55min)

“Mediterranean Glow” Package 129€

A private Eucalyptus Hammam or Sauna session (30min)
& A “Softness of Rose” exfoliating body scrub (25min)
& A relaxing massage with Lavender essential oils (55min)

“Tonus” Package 129€

A private Eucalyptus Hammam or Sauna session (30min)
& A relaxing, remineralizing wrap with Green Clay and essential oils (25min)
& A complete body massage with essential oils (45min)

For a moment of relaxation for two… 179€

“Mediterranean Pearl” or “Purity of Twilight” treatment (55min)
& A private Eucalyptus Hammam or Sauna session (30min)

5-day Zen cure 395€

A different 55-minute à la carte treatment or massage every day
“Relaxing & Moisturizing Facial Care”, “Californian or Swedish Massage”, “Hot Stone Massage”, “Mediterranean Pearl Care”, “Deep Tissue Massage”
and “Twilight Purity Care”.
& A private Eucalyptus Hammam or Sauna session (30min)